The Harrowed Republic

The Harrowed Republic is a confederation of principalities that have their historic roots in the destruction of Isprea. When the Forsaken One broke the world to create his Dreadforge, killing himself and most of his kingdom, the refugees who could escape by boat fled northwards, landing in the Harrowfen. They fled inward from the ash and smoking, losing more that half of their number to fatigue and injuries in the aptly named wilderness.

They split up, settling Dyvaldion, but kept in contact. Their shared history may have been all that tied the Republic together in the past, but the looming threat of Cheliax the the west has begun uniting them once more in a common goal for survival…


The Republic is a hodge podge of principalities, including some halfling settlements on Darkfathom. Some truly universal traits are a fierce loyalty to the idea of the Republic and a desire for personal freedoms and minimal oversight.


Government/Foreign Relations

The republic is governed from Guildport by committee, with lesser and greater members. As new principalities join, the committee votes on what their status will be. The demotion/expulsion of a principality must have a 90% majority. Greater principalities are expected to provide more resources, but also have the ability in a limited way to exercise independent judgement in actions that the committee has not addressed.

Population Demographics

The Harrowed Republic is at the same time one of the most diverse and most insulated nation in Briarpatch. Its principalities boast many races, religions and creeds, but each principality generally has a narrow population demographic and ethos.


From the hot, marshy fen to the Dyval desert to cool Gobin’s Grove and the icy Doomfang Peaks, the climate in the Republic is as diverse as the people who make their homes in it.

The Harrowed Republic

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