Fairwood is to the northwest of Highgarde


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Latitude 40.5 to 49 degrees

Temperate Coniferous Forest
Location: Temperate coniferous forests are typically found in coastal areas with mild winters and heavy rainfall or in in-land mountainous areas with mild climates.

Climate: Temperate climate with temperature that fluctuates little throughout the year. High levels of precipitation (50-200 inches per year) cause a moist climate and a long growing season.

Soil: Soils are generally rich with a thick layer of decaying material.

Plants: Evergreen conifers dominate these forests. Due to the high levels of precipitation and moderate temperatures, there is a long growing season, resulting in trees that grow very tall. Dominant tree species found in temperate coniferous forests include cedar, cypress, Douglas fir, pine, spruce and redwood. There are some deciduous trees such as maple, and mosses and ferns are common.

Animals: Examples of animals are, deer, marmot, elk, black bear, salmon, spotted owl, marbled murrelet


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